Show Reel CGI

What is Show Reel CGI?

This service consists in the development of an impacting and precise presentation of the project, through the video-edition of 3D animations and real footage of the environment. We creatively combine camera effects, lighting contrasts, movement and urban sounds from the future real environment.

How is it done?

The power of work of a professional team
Creativity and Art

Our creatives develop a script based on what it is needed to convey of each project.

Development and Technology

We create 3D animations with a high detail of realism, with the latest technology in software and hardware, allowing us to achieve a very high level of quality.

Edition and Accuracy

Our video-edition combines videos of reality with 3D animations. The result must be highly impressive, synthetic and real, presenting the future scenario of the project in cinematographic quality.

Why choose us?


The trajectory of our companies for more than ten years are the pillars of our experience and quality. Our creativity and passion for what we do is the fuel for our daily growth.


The Showreel must transmit the strength of each project in a limited period of time. Only with excellent photographic quality the observer's attention is focused on the project.


We have the team of professionals and the technology to take the presentation of each Showreel to its destination in time and shape, within a proven efficient workflow.

Diversity of Application:

Before starting the development, the determining variables of the Showreel CGI will be the audience and the medium of exposure. We create from products for presentations in events, show rooms, giant screens, cinemas, exhibitions, fairs to vertical formats adapted to social networks.


We are a team of young professionals united by the goal of achieving excellence in what we do. We combine our specializations in video editing, photography, architecture and technologies to achieve the best possible result with each 3D animation.

Success Stories

Our wide portfolio of successful projects is what supports our journey.

Show Reel CGI Projects