VR Real Time

Take your costumers to a unique experience

What is VR Real Time?

Virtual Reality in Real Time is a technology that proposes a paradigm shift in the way of visualizing and showing architectural projects, where the screen ceases to be a limit, allowing the user to submerge and actively participate in the project.

The user can thus experience the sensations of a virtual space without limits. We offer a service that can lead your clients to experience the project in every detail and that allows them to actively decide in real time between different routes, covering materials, types of lighting, etc…


Time Saving

It is not necessary to build real spaces for showrooms. From the beginning of the project, you can have a virtual model ready to show potential customers. The commercialization and research times of the market needs are accelerated.

Unlimited Space

The physical space needed to be able to show an infinite virtual space is reduced.


The model can be transferred and replicated anywhere in the world, thus enlarging the commercialization market of the projects.


The necessary investment in technology adapts to any type of project and can be reused in various fields of application such as events, showrooms, demonstrations, recreation, etc.

Reality of the Experience

It is a technology that allows the user to experience and understand the real future area. This is thanks to the appreciation of the depths of objects in the environment as we move and the variation of lights and shadows.


Because the participant is immersed in virtual reality, his senses are focused especially on the appreciation of architectural space, there are no external noises or other people who distract him.


The model can be modified and adapted to the needs and demands of the market. It incorporates innumerable customizable variables such as change of materials, lighting, furniture and objects in real time.

Compared only with the assembly of a showroom, its cost is much lower. In addition the amortization is much faster considering that the investment in technology is a one-time and reusable to various projects.


The technology for the reproduction with Virtual Reality headsets, does not require a great investment, bearing in mind that the necessary Hardware is the same as the one required in the Gamer environment. In our case, contrary to the recreational purpose, we are responsible for the commercial purpose of these products.

The 3D animations and 3D images derived from the original product in virtual reality, can be shared and reproduced in any type of device of much lower performance such as PCs, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.

Minimum requirements:
– PC with GeForce GTX 1060 Video Card or higher

VR Real Time Projects